I was born in Genova (Italy) in 1976, but I am based in A Coruña (Spain) since 2005. I have been attracted to photography since I was a kid. I remember taking pictures with my grandfather’s camera over the family summer holidays. The camera has accompanied me on my trips across the world. In recent years I have been drawn to the street photography, which to me now means a way of documenting society with a critical view.

In 2017 I walked the streets of 26 European countries with my camera in a fully independent journey, taking about 85,000 photos. At first sight, this may seem insane, but actually, it was just my personal attempt to the answer to two primary questions that I have been asking myself in the light of the current economic, political and social evolution we are facing: Does the European society exist as a whole? And if it does, how does it work? In April 2018 I complete a Crowdfunding in the Kickstarter platforme to rise the funds to print the photobook of my project “Europa” ( here you can see the campaign : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1001110556/europathe-photobook ) . The book was released in September 2018 and was presented in A Coruña, Genova, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Santiago, Jerez and Palencia (in the Pallantia Photo festival 2019). The first edition of 150 photobook is now sold out. A second edition was published.

In November 2018 I started my new project about Gentrification in Lavapiés, Madrid with sociologist Marta Morán.

In May 2019 I had a photo exposed in Paris in the “Street sans frontieres” event  @Galerie Joseph Turenne.

In November 2019 I had a photo exposed in “All Roads lead to Rome” event @Arte Borgo Gallery.

In November 2019 I exposed my work “Europa” in Turin, Italy (@Spazio B Libreria Bodoni).

In January 2020 I published the photobook/fanzine “Lavapiés” and i presented it in a personal expo in A Coruña Spain (@Atelier de fotografía).



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